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    Any graphic designer in India use Graphic design as a form of visual communication. Designer can incorporate the use of illustration, iconography and branding. Query -

  • We create Video Presentations

    We create Video Presentations using animation effects, title, captions, transitions and background music. For more details send your document to for FREE estimate.

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    Are you looking for Online Digital Web Marketing in India, Mumbai or Thane? Promote your business on Google®, Yahoo!®, and Bing®to increase traffic, phone calls and emails. Click Here.

  • Web Designer in Mumbai

    Are you searching for Web Designer in Mumbai,Thane or India? Get a professional 100% Responsive Dynamic and Social Integrated Website along with yearly web promotions.

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    We provide SEO and PPC services. We always recommend SEO for small budget and long life search engine visibility. For quick and instant results (High Budget) we recommend PPC..

Web Design


WE OFFER WEB SERVICES 100% Responsive Dynamic and Social Media Integrated Web Design CALL +919819595495

Web Design

Along with Web Designing we also provide Internet Marketing which brings you growth in your Business. Website Development, Social Networking, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and PPC.

Satisfied & Happy Clients

Having more than 2000 clients, we still believe that "Customer satisfaction is a gateway to earning loyalty" and that is driving good profits & true growth.

Advertising & Branding

We undertake complete advertising & branding work or redevelopment/redesigning of existing company profile.

24/7 Help & Support

We have a dedicated professional qualified team of more than 10 members, working online & offline as a customer support. 

Website Designing

Award winning Website Design done in last 15 years, We feel proud as people in India recognizes us as One of the Best Website Designers.

Search Engine Optimization

Using latest fundamentals our Web Designers and Web Developers bring your website rank on top Google, Yahoo and Bing Search engine visibility charts.

Social Networking

As a Best Web Designing Company in India, we continuously upgrade our knowledge in new technology towards Social Media Developments.


Cloud Server

Working on Linux and Windows, we have a secure and a reliable cloud server for Web Hosting.

Responsive Layout

Our Web Designing Team always builds Responsive Web Design maintaining with stylish fonts and accurate framework.

24/7 Help & Support

Our Team understands the simple thing, that Time is Money. Using email and messaging, They try maximum to keep you updated.

Technology Update

To keep up with the latest technology, our web developers regular updates all software, plugins, and patches.

Design Elements

Experienced Graphic Visualizer along with Website Designers in our team keep your design descent, attractive & creative.

Cross Linking

A technology which we proudly announce as our self innovated fundamental, which is Cross Linking. We adopt for everyone


We always explain the importance of Website Designing and Internet Marketing in the present market situations. We also like to explain the role of a Webmaster and Marketing Specialist. 

Design a Website
Get a start with a professional responsive website along with a basic marketing strategy from us. We assure you a successful growth in your business. We also have advance Web Development marketing plans along with creative updates with on-going websites.


Web Design Basic Plan for a beginner. Regular Website Designing Plan for a existing business owner. Best Value Web Design Plan along with regular web marketing plan. We also have Enterprise version of Website Design and Internet Marketing with all Email Solutions.

With our Website Design Services, we also optimize it using maximum fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We listen to you to make sure your site reflects your style. We help you gain new customers by optimizing your site for maximum exposure. We even keep your site up-to-date – just call us and we’ll change your content or update your images.

Yash Computer Consultancy known as YCC (YCCINDIA) is Digital Company offers Digital Printing Services and Web Solutions have experience of more than 20 years. We have dedicated 12 members in our online and offline team.

Web Design Company in Thane

Web Design Company in Thane

Website Design Company in Thane

Website Design Company in Thane

Website Designer in Thane

Website Designer in Thane

Website Designers in Thane

Website Designers in Thane

Web Designers in Thane

Web Designers in Thane

Web Designers in Mumbai

Web Designers in Mumbai

Website Designers in Mumbai

Website Designers in Mumbai



Internet Marketing Company in Thane

Internet Marketing Company in Thane

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Flyers / Leaflets

We are one of the Best Print Shop for Flyers / Leaflets in India. Just do send in your requirements along with details of your flyer. call Mr. Shiva +918108305156
Graphic Designer for Flyers
We have creative graphic designer for flyers, brochure, catalogs, logo and business cards. We use professional licensed software Corel Draw to create the design. We need most details from your side. Creative flyers (leaflets) designing is done as per your budget, quantity required for printing, amount of content and quality of paper media. In short, we calculate all the factors deciding your one leaflet costing.Flyers / Leaflets

While deciding to go with printing, we have decide with size and thickness of the paper media. After selecting media we ask our client about folds required for flyer. If we have a single fold we have to do creasing at single line, after making printing. If there are two or three folds we have to do designing according to this factors. Flyers / Leaflets
Most of the time the flyer’s are designed to announce new product or new service around local region. Some times people use flyer to distribute the same in newspapers or circulate around people in societies, corporate offices and by post. Few people also circulate the Flyers / Leaflets on the festival offers and promote their business.
All the design and content works and bring good results, so that’s the reason Graphic Designing for Flyers / Leaflets is very important. Flyers / Leaflets
Please send / bring all details about your company, product and services which you need to mention in Flyer.
Finally we talk about pricing. We have three price category for Flyers / Leaflets design.
  1. Semi Professional Flyer Design Rs 1500/- for A4 Size Single side and Rs 3000/- for front back)
  2. Professional Flyer Design Rs 2500/- for A4 Size Single side and Rs 5000/- for front back)
  3. Advance Professional Flyer Design Rs 3500/- for A4 Size Single side and Rs 7000/- for front back)
Brochure design can be 1 Fold, 2 Fold or 3 Fold.
Contact us for more details or demo our showcase of Flyers / Leaflets Designs.
Do you require Flyers / Leaflets Printing for your Company? We also provide Flyers / Leaflets Design Services all around the Globe. Call Mr. Shiva +918108305156



Brochure Printing Service in India

Are you looking for Brochure Printing Service in India. Please call Mr. Shiva +918108305156 or email your design for best estimate to
Do you in search for Brochure Printing Services India, Brochure Designer for your Company?
If you are operating any business or you have started a new business, you require Brochure Designing to represent your company. First impression is a last impression. We are provide professional Brochure printing services all around the globe. Brochure Design Services India.
Question begins with What is Brochure Designing? Why we require Brochure Printing Service?
Answer to this is very simple. Any good presentation or information about your company, products or services needs to be inform of Brochure or Catalog. This Brochure Designing would be of creative artwork, layout and presentation of the products or services you offer to your clients.
Brochure Design Service in India

Brochure Printing Service in India

Well, to begin with brochure designing we require all information about your company.
Example : If you are a manufacturer, We require complete information about your manufacturing unit location, products you manufacture, specifications, pricing, quality photographs, videos and even detailed usage of that product.
We are having experience of more than 20 years in Graphic Designing, Logo Designing and Brochure designing. We provide our client with Two Brochure Design with a variety of Colors, Images and Layout accordingly. Client have to select any one design from that proofing. Client have to do corrections, spell check, and find if any mistakes done. After making corrections we finally present him a color print of that brochure called as a final proof.
Take another example : If we design brochure for a Car Showroom or Car Garage, we take all inputs from that service provider and we design a nice color brochure. Brochure design will have all those car images, colorful layout showing Car Accessories, Short history about the showroom / garage, testimonials and contact details.

Brochure Designing, Brochure Design

Finally we talk about pricing. We have three price category for Brochure design.
  1. Semi Professional Brochure Design Rs 2500/- for A4 Size front back. (Rs 5000/- for A3 Size front back)
  2. Professional Brochure Design Rs 4500/- for A4 Size front back. (Rs 9000/- for A3 Size front back)
  3. Advance Professional Brochure Design Rs 7500/- for A4 Size front back. (Rs 15000/- for A3 Size front back)
Brochure design can be 1 Fold, 2 Fold or 3 Fold.
If you are looking for Brochure Designing in Thane, Brochure Designing in Mumbai or  Brochure Designing in India, then try our Brochure Designing service. You will appreciate our work.
Contact us for more details or demo our showcase of Brochure Designs.
Do you require Brochure Designing for your Company? We provide Brochure Design Services all around the Globe. Contact
Colour Printing in Thane
Brochure Design Service in India Brochure Design Service in India Brochure Design Service in India Brochure Design Service in India Brochure Design Service in India


Business Cards

We can get you Business Cards Printing in just few minutes if you have details for the same. Call +919892579348. We require title, name of the company, address, contact details and logo of  your firm. We can design the logo with our creative skills. Business cards then can be Digital Printed on a thick card paper sheet in a multiple. After printing it gets cut in a digital cutting machine. So Colorful Business Cards are ready in very small time. Regarding pricing there are many factors which decide the price of the cards.
Business cards are one of the most classic ways to advertise a business or service. Business cards are things that every good business owner should have constantly on hand. Your business cards need to reflect your own personality, as well as your company and its goals. For a company, business card holds a strong position. It is not merely a mean to share contact information of one individual to another.
Business Cards

Business cards are being increasing overlooked as effect ways of growing businesses. But today, it has more value than that. Representation of a company is one of the primary motives of these cards. For every individual industry, it acts differently. Therefore, when you design a card, it is mandatory to keep occupation of that card owner in your mind as it will enable to select appropriate design and style as per industry standards. Just like growing your plants you need fertilizer in order to make them healthy. In the business industry you need business cards to cultivate them. There are many benefits to using business cards. If you want to capture the attention of your customers, it will benefit you to know just how well they can increase your business.
It is very inexpensive to have business cards made. With the invention of digital printing, many design and print companies can make up large batches of calling cards in a small amount of time. This means that you don’t have to be selective or stingy with your cards. The more people you give them too, the better your chances of expanding your client list. You can find great deals by purchasing a large amount of business cards. Many companies offer them for the cost of mere pennies for each one. When you think about it, calling cards are practically the cheapest thing you can buy in the world that is beneficial and useful for expanding your company.

Print Shop

Print Shop -
We are recognized as one of the leading Print Shop in Mumbai. Call us for more details +919892579348 or email your files to

We provide Digital Color Print Solutions in Mumbai, India.

Well digital means that it is a computer based files that can be produced at an incredibly high resolution output. With Digital Color Print Solutions, you can also produce as few as one print, or as many as thousands, for the same cost per page. It can be a highly sophisticated offset printing project or a digital printing campaign, YCC Printing has the solution for the client’s every requirement. The retail clients can bring their beautiful creative designs in CDR, PDF for Adobe Illustrator formats. Unmatched quality standards and seamless services remain our trademark as the company grows from strength to strength and set to make its global presence.
Print Shop

Digital printing can also be done with a sophisticated, full color production laser printer. These printers can produce a full, rich output on heavy and coated stocks up to 12″ x 18″ in size. A Konica Minolta’s Digital Press or Xerox Docucolor printer, for example, can produce full color prints at 60 pages per minute and the output from this machine is close to an offset press quality. How amazing the technology can give us isn’t it.
Digital color printing pays a lot of help for those people that are so busy just like the professionals because now they can just send off their digital files (Doc, ppt, jpg)  from their personal computer, digital camera and many others to a commercial printing service provider that will print the materials for him. If not so, professionals themselves can even print their own printing materials by their own provided that they have a digital printer and they know how. We maintain a superior quality printing and calibration with our QC specialists conduct rigorous quality checks at every stage of printing.
We are recognized as one of the best Print Shop Mumbai. Call Mr. Mayur on +919892579348 or log in for more details.


Lodha Splendora

Lodha Group presents an unmissable opportunity for you at one its finest developments & most premium township - Lodha Splendora, at one of India’s best investment destinations – Ghodbunder Road, in Thane, Mumbai.
With the need for well-connected, quality housing, current and proposed infrastructural developments and access to the throbbing western suburbs belt, Ghodbunder Road will inevitably see rapid price appreciation. Thus, be it rental income or capital gains that you might be seeing, this is the best investment option in this price band.
With an estimated capital value appreciation of 101% from 2009 to 2016* and similar rental value appreciation, Grand Residences in Lodha Splendora, at Ghodbunder Road, is easily one of the top investments in the sub Rs. 1.5 cr budget, as also substantiated by the NDTV Property Show.

Contact : Mr. Shah +918369532119

Lodha Splendora - Residence Property at Ghodbunder Road

A word on the location:
Residence Property at Ghodbunder Road

Thane: With a burgeoning footprint of residential, commercial, retail and entertainment options, Thane, with a population of 17.5 lacs, has morphed into a city of wealth creators. With numerous infrastructure developments like metro, monorail, mass rapid transit system, flyovers and planned solar city, Thane truly is a modern planned city with beautiful lakes, wide roads, flyovers, suburban railway connectivity and amongst the most liveable satellite cities in India. 
Ghodbunder Road: A location cherry-picked to offer you the best of both Man and Nature. Witnessing residential and commercial real estate development, Ghodbunder Road, enjoys a strategic location and rapidly-growing social infrastructure. Ensconced between the spectacular Yeoor Hills and the serene Ulhās River – so you can live in an idyllic setting, and still enjoy easy connectivity to every part of Mumbai. With the Eastern and Western Express Highways via Ghodbunder Road cutting across Sanjay Gandhi National Park, the Central (Thane) and Western railway (Mira Road) lines, Navi Mumbai via the Thane-Vashi Rail Link, Grand Residences is close to all parts of Mumbai as well as international and domestic airports, including the upcoming international airport in Navi Mumbai.
*      Lodha Splendora is located at Ghodbunder Road, Thane; where we have an existing phase I (15 Towers) – We have given possession and also secured Occupational Certificate (O.C.) for the same. Our Phase II (14Towers) is more of Luxurious and Lifestyle amenities which is currently under construction and has different possession timelines.

Lodha Splendora

Ghodbunder Road

Site Layout:
Ghodbunder Road



3 BHk



Key highlights of the development which makes it Thane’s most premium township:
*      Tallest tower in Thane: 31 storeys
Thane’s longest swimming pool
Biggest clubhouse in Thane  : 20,000 sq. ft clubhouse with all modern amenities
1 lack sq. Ft of central greens with Cricket pitch, football court & amphitheatre
15 acre township with the best construction technology: MIVAN
4 Tier security including video door phone
Splendid views of the Yeoor hills and  Ulhas river
Luxury finishes and fixtures
Air-conditioned residences with Italian marble flooring
German and American bath fitments
Imported fitted modular kitchens
Multipurpose sports courts, football ground and cricket pitch
85% of development open to sky
Themed gardens and water features
Auditorium, amphitheatre pavilions and picnic areas
*      All Configurations will have ONE 4 Wheeler Parking Space allocated to them & 3 BHK Luxe will have TWO 4 Wheeler Parking Space allocated
With 100,000 sq. ft. of landscaping by world renowned architects Sitetectonix, Singapore replete with the best lifestyle amenities, security features and located at a location commanding the best of natural views as well as within easy access to social infrastructure like education,  retail, entertainment, medical, offices etc ensuring a sustained demand for housing; both buyers and rental use customers.
Landscape: Sitetectonix, Singapore
The landscaping of Lodha Splendora will be shaped by Sitetectonix, Singapore – the globally acclaimed landscape design consultants. Known to draw from the environmental, social, cultural, historic and economic backdrop of each project, Sitetectonix delivers innovative and cost-effective designs with uncompromising quality and dependability Across a stunning landscape rolling out over 15 acres, you will find a bevy of facilities intended to luxuriously delight every one of your needs, from fitness to recreation, family activity to kids play, fine dining to movie watching, energetic sporting to leisurely walking, relaxation to rejuvenation and much more.

External Amenities:
Luxury high-rise towers - in Thane with stunning views of Yeoor hills and Ulhās river
Grand air-conditioned entrance lobby
Designer lift lobby on each floor
3 hi-speed elevators (including one stretcher elevator) from Otis/Schindler/ThyssenKrupp/Hyundai**
4-tier security with
Video door phone
CCTV monitoring of key common areas
Visitor registration
Gated entry
Best-in-class fire-fighting system
DG power backup for common area lighting, elevators and water supply system
Servant’s toilets and bathrooms

Complex Facilities:

1, 00,000+ sq. ft. of central landscaped area with:
- Ganesh Temple
- Outdoor Sports Courts (5 nos.)
- 800 m partly covered Jogging Track
- Amphitheatre
- Themed gardens & reflexology paths
- Senior Citizens’ corner
- Pavilions & sit-outs

20,000 sq. ft.+ club house with:
- Mega Gymnasium with Yoga / Aerobics studio
- Thane’s longest swimming pool - 170 ft+ length
- Indoor games room with TT, Carom and Chess
- KidzFun: Indoor kids play room - cum - crèche
- Grand Lounge-cum-Café & Party hall
- Outdoor party lawn / terrace
- Auditorium - cum - theatre (100+ pax. capacity)

Internal Amenities:

Living room:

Fully air-conditioned homes with split AC*
Luxury Italian marble flooring in the living, dining and passage areas#
Provision for internet and TV connectivity
Separate puja area
Decks with full height French windows and wooden finish flooring


High quality flooring in all bedrooms
Separate wardrobe area in all bedrooms
Cross ventilation in master bedroom


Intercom facility in each home
Video door phone for each residence
State-of-the-art firefighting equipment


Four fixture master bathroom
Motion sensor controlled lighting in all bathrooms
German Grohe CP fittings and American Kohler sanitary ware

Kitchen utility and store:

Imported fitted kitchen with finest finishes#
Kitchen finished with granite platform
Kitchen with piped gas connection
Separate utility areas in each home for washing and drying
Gas detector
Separate store area

Contact : Mr. Shah +918369532119

Residential Property for Sale

Panoramic view of the riverfront, shot on location:

Residential Property for Sale

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