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Happy Gudi Padwa

Happy Gudi Padwa: When is Gudi Padwa 2018: History, Significance and Why Do We Celebrate Gudi Padwa?
Gudi Padwa is celebrated on the first day of the Chaitra month from the Hindu lunisolar calendar and is considered an extremely auspicious day for any new beginning or new venture. Here is all that you need to know regarding the history, significance, date, muhurat, puja, and vidhi for the festival this year.
Happy Gudi Padwa
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Gudi Padwa, the festival which falls on the first day of Chaitra month according to the Hindu calendar marks the beginning of the Marathi New Year. Gudi Padwa marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year. The festival was first celebrated by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, as a symbol of triumph. It is believed that on this day, King Shalivahana fought against the Sakas and rose to prominence. Apart from this, it is also said that on the day of Gudi Padwa, Lord Brahma created the Universe and Lord Rama killed Bali.

With just two days to go for the festival, we bring to you a host of messages which you can share with your near and dear ones as simple text messages, Whatsapp reads, Facebook statuses or even as GIFs. Happy Gudi Padwa! Happy Gudi Padwa Happy Gudi Padwa Happy Gudi Padwa
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वर्षामागून वर्ष जाती,
बेत मनीचे तसेच राहती,
नव्या वर्षी नव्या भेटी,
नव्या क्षणाशी नवी नाती,
नवी पहाट तुमच्यासाठी,
शुभेच्छांची गाणी गाती!
Happy Gudi Padwa

Wishing you love of love on the auspicious occasion of Gudi Padwa. Have lots of fun with your family and friends.

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 नवे वर्ष नवा हर्ष….नवा जोश नवा उत्कर्ष…..वाढणा-या प्रत्येक दिवसागणिक आपलं यश, आपलं ज्ञान आणि आपली किर्ती वृद्धिंगत होत जावो आणि सुख समृद्धीची बहार आपल्या आयुष्यात नित्य येत राहो…..
नव्या वर्षात आपल्या स्वप्नांना तेजोमयी किनार लाभों, हीच सदिच्छा…!!


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