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5 Important things to know before business listing | YCC.ASIA

 5 Important things to know before business listing

Business directory listings are offline or online business directories. These directories provide the basic contact and service details of a company. Consistent directory listings can boost your profits. Business Directory listings help you in many ways.

5 Important things to know before business listing | ycc.asia
 5 Important things to know before business listing | ycc.asia

    1. Targeted advertising

About 80% of customers use directories while researching a product or company. This fact was established by a study done by Burke. Directory searches usually lead to a successful purchase.

People use a directory with a specific use in mind. If they find a company to be suitable, they will go ahead with the purchase. They are ready to do business. Hence attracting such customers is very important. Directories help you do that. Online directories also have an additional advantage. They can get you higher returns from your website. If your product has relevance, it will be given more importance in the directory. You can use directories to reach customers who need your service.

    2. Increase in profits

Listing your products in online directories increases your profits. Your business will grow by at least 20%. They also help you attract new customers.

Customers usually search for various online directories before buying any product. It increases your accountability. If your company appears in multiple directories, customers will trust you more.

    3. Increased web traffic

Business directory listings increase your online visibility. Your ranking in search results will get higher.

Google gives preference for quality web sites. You can increase quality using relevant content. Thus, by listing your quality pages, you will get a higher ranking and site traffic.

Business listings are helpful for any type of businesses. It should be an essential part of your marketing strategy. You should list your business in directories and maintain them properly.

    4. Be consistent

Your details must be must be consistent across all directories. Name, address and phone numbers should be same in all directories. Variations in these details can cause confusions. Google will mistake the variations as different businesses. This will reduce your ROI from the listings.

    5. Google yourself for maintaining listings

Googling your company name will show you the directories in which it is listed. Some of the most common online business directories are:

yellow Pages



Sometimes your business will be listed in these directories added by someone else. You may not know that you have been listed. Googling your company will allow you to know about such listings. You need to maintain such listings too. Wrong information can be harmful to your business. Hence register yourself in those directories. Own your listings.  Make sure the information about your company is up to date. Correct any mistakes in the information provided. Check the information regularly. Make updates whenever there is a change.


Document your listings

Documenting will help you manage your listings. Owned listings must be maintained properly. You can use spreadsheets for documenting them. Store the user name and password credentials of each listing. Use this information to make changes to the details listed. Allow only authorized changes.

Business Directories serve as a low cost alternative to high ranking in Google results. They help you to be easily located by customers.


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